Angelina Jolie’s extremely ‘thin’ appearance sparks concerns; ‘she probably forgets to eat’, say insiders

Angelina Jolie's lean and extremely thin physique has raised fresh worries about her health, as those close to the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star speculate that she struggles to take care of herself after a worrying appearance at the Tony Awards last month. The 49-year-old actress drew attention in a strapless gown that revealed her thin arms and shoulders, prompting concerns from fans and observers alike.

Sources cited by indicate that Jolie's inner circle is urging her to prioritize healthy eating habits, especially given her demanding roles as a devoted mother and busy actress. "She's looking very thin, almost sickly, and probably doesn't weigh more than 98 pounds," noted one insider. "She's either forgetting or unwilling to eat. Pals are afraid she won't be able to carry on like this."

Angelina Jolie's extremely 'thin' appearance sparks concerns; 'she probably forgets to eat', say insiders

Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a longevity expert based in Florida who has not treated Jolie personally, expressed concern about her health, suggesting she may be experiencing severe loss of body fat, muscle, and bone density. He recommended that Jolie consult her doctor for a bone density x-ray due to the potential risks associated with her weight and previous medical history, including the BRCA1 gene mutation and subsequent surgeries.

Jolie's preventative surgeries in 2013, following her positive test for the BRCA1 gene mutation, are noted to have impacted her hormone levels, potentially accelerating bone loss. Furthermore, ongoing legal battles with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, including recent disputes over non-disclosure agreements related to their French winery, Château Miraval, may also be contributing to her stress and physical condition.

Overall, these factors appear to be taking a toll on Jolie's well-being, highlighting concerns about her health and prompting calls for her to prioritize self-care and medical advice.

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