“Which is actually making her look more tired and aged”: Expert Blames a Botched Tear Trough Filler Process For Jennifer Aniston’s Viral Red Carpet Look

Jennifer Aniston got caught in the middle of plastic surgery rumors after her recent red-carpet appearance sparked widespread discussion and concern among fans and beauty enthusiasts. Hitting Los Angeles in May, to promote The Morning Show, Aniston’s tired look and swollen under-eye made plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Devine take a look into the chaos.

reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston in the morning show

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show | Apple TV

Expert in cosmetic procedures, Dr. Richard Devine thus attributed her tired and aged look to a botched tear trough filler process. Describing her cosmetic procedure as a failed attempt, Devine explained the whole process, which later attracted the attention of New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine who corroborated the same, to DailyMail.

The Reason Behind Jennifer Aniston’s Tired Red Carpet Look

Famously known for her appearance in the sitcom series FRIENDS, Jennifer Aniston recently made an appearance on the red carpet to promote The Morning Show. However, the actress shockingly became a hot topic of conversation after her facial appearance sparked controversies for making her look tired.

According to reports from Marca, despite wearing an attractive crimson dress, Jennifer Aniston appeared tired with a swollen area underneath her eyes. This particular look sparked widespread concern among fans, which thus gained the attention of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Devine, on Instagram.

Dr. Richard Devine explained Jennifer Aniston’s failed cosmetic procedure

Dr. Richard Devine explained Jennifer Aniston’s failed cosmetic procedure | Instagram/@doctordevine

Taking to his social media, Dr. Richard Devine thus examined Jennifer Aniston‘s red carpet look and attributed her tired appearance to a failed cosmetic procedure. Suggesting how the procedure failed because of too much gel-like substance being injected into her face between the eyelid and the cheek, Devine explained the process and the problem.

Jennifer Aniston was recently seen on the red carpet with her under-eyes looking extremely puffy and swollen. She had these ridge-like structures under her eye, which she did not have before. While the under eyes do change with age, this is definitely not what we’re seeing here. There’s a clear telltale sign of too much tear trough filler.

Jennifer Aniston and in The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston in a still from The Morning Show | Apple TV

Confirming how under-eyes can start to appear more sunken in due to a natural loss of volume in the face, caused by a gradual loss of fat cells, with growing age, Dr. Richard Devine clarified that it’s certainly not what made Jennifer Aniston look tired on the red carpet.

Plastic Surgeons Offer Their Take on Jennifer Aniston’s Failed Surgery

While the FRIENDS icon was in LA to promote the Apple TV+ show starring Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, attention shifted from her show to her tired appearance, which became an intriguing topic for fans. Dr Richard Devine thus confirmed how Aniston got the tired look because of a cosmetic treatment failure.

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell in The Morning Show | Apple TV

The filler is projecting so much that it is actually causing these shadows to form around the eyes and these deep ridges in the mid-cheek, which is actually making her look more tired and aged. 

What we’re seeing here is tear trough filler gone wrong. Complications like this happen when too much filler is injected, or when the type of product used attracts a lot of water and so gradually the filler becomes swollen.

Following Dr Richard Devine’s comments on Jennifer Aniston’s appearance, New York City-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine offered his take on the case. Speaking with DailyMail, Levine corroborated with Devine as he concurred that Aniston’s puffy under eyes was indeed a result of botched tear trough filler.

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm in The Morning Show

Aniston and Jon Hamm in their Apple TV show

She has some swelling under her left eye, and that is probably swelling after having fillers there at some point. That can happen after just doing them once, or doing them repeatedly, and at 55 I think it is naïve to suggest she hasn’t dabbled there.

This is one area where we do see some swelling in a rare number of patients. This may happen because the skin is very thin there, or because the lymphatic area — which drains fluids — can get irritated or compromised in a way that leads to swelling. Sometimes dissolving fillers can help address this issue, you can also use lasers to help tighten the skin in that area.

With two renowned cosmetic procedure experts attributing Jennifer Aniston’s puffy under eyes and tired look to her failed tear trough filler, it can be said with certainty that the actress suffered from surgery gone wrong. However, neither Aniston nor her reps have commented on the same.

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