What’s Going on With Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox?

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have let us into the most intimate moments of their relationship that began on a film set. Hell, they told us they’ve drank each other’s blood. Now, after four years of oversharing, they’ve been suspiciously quiet about their romance. During the latest episode of Call Her Daddy in March 2024, Fox did not want to give an official status update on their relationship but did confirm their engagement was called off at some point. So, what’s going on with them? What happened to her thorny, painful engagement ring? Is it being made into a necklace with a less painful removal method? Let’s dive into the good and the bad blood of MGK and Fox’s relationship.

March 2020: The two met on the set of the crime thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass. Production was briefly shut down due to the pandemic, but their spark was too strong not to stay in touch while in lockdown.

May 18, 2020: Brian Austin Green confirms that he and Fox have split up, and he supports a relationship with MGK (even though he claims they’re just friends).

May 20, 2020: Fox stars in MGK’s music video for “Bloody Valentine,” foreshadowing their thirst for each other’s blood.

July 22, 2020: MGK and Fox join Lala Kent on her podcast, Give Them Lala. Fox shares that she gave him an astrology reading on set and calls him her “twin flame.”

July 29, 2020: MGK hard launches Megan Fox on Instagram (if having her star in your music video and being her twin flame didn’t already count), writing, “waited for eternity to find you again … 🔪💫❤️🔪.”

March 29, 2021: The two double-date with another rocker couple, Kourt K and Travis B, who were caught sucking on some fingies.

May 24-28, 2021: The couple finds their own way to PDA during the summer awards season.

July 15, 2021: MGK talks about all the ways he manifested being with Fox, from a Transformers tattoo to having a poster of her on his bedroom wall.

January 12,  2022: The two announced their engagement on Instagram and told everyone they sealed their love by drinking each other’s blood.

January 17, 2022: The couple tells Vogue that the engagement ring is actually two rings, held together by magnets. The band has thorns on it, so it hurts for Fox to take it off. Well, now we know how they might’ve gotten the blood.

May 15, 2022: MGK dedicates a song to “his wife” Fox and “unborn child,” but neither has specified what he exactly meant. However, they are not married, nor do they have children.

July 27, 2022: In MGK’s documentary Life in Pink, he details the difficult decision he made to get sober to stay in Fox’s and his daughter’s (from a previous relationship’s) life.

February 12, 2023: Some trouble in paradise — Fox hints at cheating from the rapper by using Lemonade lyrics, deleting all their photos together, and deactivating Instagram.

February 19, 2023: Fox returns to Instagram to tell fans there was “no third party interference in this relationship of any kind” and the couple seems back to business.

April 3, 2023: Just like Bey and Jay-Z, Fox and MGK seem to have reunited and were spotting having dinner in Hawaii.

March 20, 2024: On this week’s Call Her Daddy, Fox confirms that she “thinks” they called off their engagement sometime last year but is unwilling to “comment on the status of the relationship.” So maybe they’re still figuring it out? The same day, US Weekly reported that the couple is allegedly “living separately,” but they’re still “together.”

March 22, 2024: A source close to the couple tells People that there are “a ton of trust issues between” Fox and MGK, adding that they “can’t stay away from each other” but also don’t know how to be in a healthy relationship. According to the source, “They’ll be totally fine, then days later get into a huge blowout fight and not talk for weeks, but then give in and be all lovey-dovey again.”

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