What Aniston Has Said About Plastic Surgery

Two months ago, Jennifer Aniston and her pal Sandra Bullock were spotted leaving a plastic surgeon’s clinic in Connecticut. Fast forward to June 2nd, at the Emmy FYC event in Los Angeles, where the Friends actress, 55, made quite the entrance in a stunning burgundy midi dress, beautifully accented with delicate floral designs.

The Morning Show star showed off her fit figure in a gorgeous deep red dress from Reformation, complete with a flattering sweetheart neckline. While fans couldn’t stop gushing over her stylish outfit online, a few eagle-eyed observers noted that there was something subtly “off” or “different” about her appearance.

Recently, in an Instagram breakdown, aesthetic expert Dr. Richard Devine, MBBS, MSc, MRCGP, shared his thoughts, suggesting that the changes in Aniston’s look might be due to “telltale signs of too much tear trough filler.”

Jennifer Aniston May Have Recently Pursued Excessive ‘Tear Trough Filler,’ According To An Expert

Devine began his video (that showed Aniston on the aforementioned red carpet in the background): “Why does Jennifer Aniston look so different? I’m an aesthetic doctor, let me tell you what’s going on.” Devine added: “Jennifer Aniston was recently seen on the red carpet with her under-eyes looking extremely puffy and swollen. She had these ridge-like structures under her eye which she did not have before.”

The doctor added that “whilst the under-eyes do change with age,” this is “definitely not what we’re seeing here.” There are “clear, telltale signs of too much tear trough filler,” he went on. “Firstly, the area of swelling is precisely the area that’s targeted with tear trough filler. The ridge-like structure you can see under the eyes is exactly where the dermal filler is sitting,” he noted.

The video creator continued: "The filler is projecting so much that it's actually causing these shadows to form around the eyes and these deep ridges in the mid-cheek, which is actually making her look more tired and aged. What we're seeing is tear trough filler gone wrong."

He went on to say that "complications like this happen when too much filler is injected and when the type of product used attracts a lot of water, and so gradually the filler becomes swollen."    

He assured that the point of his video was "not to shame Jennifer," adding that "she clearly did not do this to herself and obviously it's not her fault."

Devine added: "I'm highlighting the important fact that filler treatments are medical treatments and they do not come without risk." Complications happen, he stressed, even to the "biggest superstars in the world who have access to the best doctors."  

What Aniston Has Said About Plastic Surgery

While Aniston hasn't responded to cosmetic surgery accusations or similar rumors, claims about her reportedly getting a nose job for aesthetic reasons are nothing new. A representative for the Golden Globe winner told Us Weekly in 2018 that she got her deviated septum corrected (to help her sleep) with rhinoplasty.

The source dished to the publication that Aniston needed to "correct a deviated septum that was incorrectly done over 12 years ago," meaning that she did undergo a nose-related plastic surgery procedure before that. Aniston opened up about this for the first time in 2007, in an interview with People Magazine.  


"It’s funny. I had [a deviated septum] fixed – best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years," she explained. "As far as all the other [rumors], as boring as it sounds, it’s still mine. All of it. Still mine."

Aniston has shot down rumors that she underwent breast augmentation or got Botox or fillers as well. In a 2006 interview, she stressed: "No boob job! You know what it’s called? It’s called 10 pounds."  

The We're The Millers alum added: "Here’s what it is, this is the funny thing, you’re either, ‘Oh, look at the bump,’ and they circle the bump and there’s an arrow. But instead, it’s like, you know, maybe a couple cheese plates too many."

Regarding the topic of Botox and fillers, Aniston told Harper's Bazaar Australia in 2014: "There is this pressure in Hollywood to be ageless."  

"I think what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes because I am not injecting s—t into my face."

The Emmy winner continued: "I see them and my heart breaks. I think, ‘Oh god, if you only know how much older you look.’ They are trying to stop the clock, and all you can see is an insecure person who won’t let themselves just age."  

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