The One Big Bang Theory Scene That Got Cut And Had The Production Crew In Tears

Throughout its 12 season run, The Big Bang Theory had more than a couple emotional moments. That was especially true during the final season. Kaley Cuoco admitted certain scenes were almost impossible to shoot.

One specific moment saw both herself and Johnny Galecki break, while even the production and camera crew needed a pause. Let's take a look at the scene in question, and what Cuoco had to say about it during her interview alongside Ellen DeGeneres.

The process was a hard one for the cast, and we are going to detail what it was like on the road to the final episode.

Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Broke Down During A Scene In The Final Season, And The Production Crew Felt Relief

On the air for over a decade, and having shot over 279 episodes, ending The Big Bang Theory was going to be a tough reality for both the cast and fans. Five years ago, the entire main Big Bang Theory cast appeared on The Ellen Show. Of course, the final episode and season were the hot topics. Kaley Cuoco revealed an interesting bit of information. The actress told Ellen about a certain scene in the final season, and how it caused production to stop.

Cuoco revealed, "We were doing a scene before the holiday just blocking. Just us two in it. And out of nowhere, I just started balling. And the crew, and all the camera guys came out and said, 'We're so glad you cried, we were all waiting to cry.' They came out and gave us this huge group hug. And like, we just all cried for ten minutes."

Hilariously, Jim Parsons jumped in during Cuoco's emotional story, revealing that he hadn't cried yet. However, the actor was fearful about what was to come, given that he hadn't been emotional yet. Parsons felt as though it was all going to come out in one shot.

The moment can be seen below at the 0:30 second mark.

What else did The Big Bang Theory cast discuss with Ellen?

  • Other emotions involved on the road to finale night.
  • First impressions of one another.

Fans had a blast watching the cast together. They took on various interviews prior to the finale. However, despite the positive spirits, there were difficult moments behind the scenes. Cuoco herself admitted the announcement of TBBT ending was heartbreaking to deal with.

Kaley Cuoco Admits She Was An Emotional Mess When TBBT Ended

Prior to Jim Parsons' announcement, a contract to extend The Big Bang Theory hadn't been discussed. The cast, including Kaley Cuoco figured it would be resolved towards the end of the season, with a 13th likely on the way. However, plans clearly changed along the way… Cuoco was completely blindsided by Parsons' announcement.

Cuoco recalled the day she found out The Big Bang Theory was ending.

“Jim said, ‘I don’t think I can continue on.’ And I was so shocked that I was literally like, ‘Continue on with what?’ Like, I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I looked at Chuck: ‘Wow. I thought we were — I’m so blown away right now.’”

"We thought we were going to do another year, so all of the sudden your life kind of flashes before your eyes. … I couldn't breathe. It just felt like a death, but also a new horizon for everybody as well."

The same held true for Johnny Galecki, who was upset with how his co-star handled the departure.

"I was shocked. We were just blindsided that day. And not necessarily shocked by Jim's decision, but that he hadn't had that conversation with his castmates first to prepare us," Galecki said.

"So yes, it could have been handled better. We're a family; have a conversation."

In the end, the finale was a difficult shoot but it is clear, the cast has moved forward since then.

The Big Bang Theory Cast Admitted The Road To Finale Was Not Easy

Mayim Bialik

via Instar

Speaking with Variety back in May of 2019, The Big Bang Theory cast detailed the road to the finale. Mayim Bialik specifically called it a "long, drawn-out death."

“It’s one thing to have a personal experience where a job of nine years — or 12, for some of the cast — ends, but we’ve done it very publicly.”

As if the episode wasn't hard enough for the actors, the same held true for the rest of the crew behind the scenes. Producer Steve Holland discussed the pressure involved.

“When we found out this was going to be the last season, we sat together and started talking about the landing place. We knew what was going to be the last piece of the finale for a long time,” he says. “One of the things that was important to us, and also the most challenging, was to make sure everyone got to shine in these last episodes.”

The likes of Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki were proud of the way the finale went. Fans agreed as on IMDb, the last Big Bang Theory episode was rated with a 9.5 on 10. Fans adored the way things wrapped up, and it wasn't overly shot. Fans knew that everyone was going to be okay. That's what mattered most.

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