Salma Hayek Reminds Us That Embracing Your Grays Couldn’t Be Chicer

Salma Hayek is perhaps one of the busiest women in show business. One day she’s at a Gucci dinner and the next she’s gracing Wimbledon with her presence. Attending the seventh day of the tennis tournament with her husband, François-Henri Pinault, Hayek was all oversized sunglasses, red lips, and Breton stripes as she watched from the royal box.

Eternally chic, Hayek paired her luminous skin and plump pout with a glossy blow-dry, which featured plenty of shine and a slight wave. Perhaps most notable, however, was the sprinkle of grays through her hair, which added dimension and depth to her rich, warm brunette color.

Her silver strands were applauded by her followers: “I love her little silver hair,” wrote one user, which garnered plenty of likes. Another wrote: “The gray makes her even better.” And they are correct. At 57, it would be odd if Hayek didn’t have some grays growing in, and the fact she’s willing to show them at events makes her authentic and real.

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Other celebrities have chosen to embrace their grays, too. Whether Sarah Jessica Parker, whose colorist works with the silver and white tones in her hair to create a natural-looking blonde, or Andie MacDowell, who has shared how letting her gray hair grow in made her feel powerful, it’s never been cooler to welcome in your grays, rather than constantly trying to hide them. Which, as many will attest, can be an exhausting feat.

And if they look as good as they do on Salma, then there’s really no reason not to.

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