One item of clothing Jennifer Aniston still wears of Rachel’s 20 years later

Twenty years since the final ever episode aired, Friends star Jennifer Aniston has revealed she still wears one of item clothing that was made famous by her on-screen character, Rachel Greene.

Fans of the nostalgic 90s sitcom often agree that while the series gave us a lot of laughs, it also gave us number iconic of fashion moments.

I mean, let's be real. Joey Tribbiani's oversized leather jacket and swept-back curtain hair during the first season left countless women swooning.

Meanwhile, Monica Geller's statement blue boyfriend jeans became an instant hit, while copies of her chic straight-cut mini skirts and lacy dresses can still be spotted in high street stores to this day.

And if you identified more with bohemian queen Phoebe Buffay, you'd always be able to get outfit inspo from her eye-catching waist coats, and ethereal maxi skirts.

The cast of Friends were famous for their fashion. (NBC/Getty)

The cast of Friends were famous for their fashion. (NBC/Getty)

If you consider yourself a die-hard Friends fan, however – much like myself – I bet you'll agree that one character in particular absolutely takes the cake when it comes to giving us the most jaw-dropping fashion moments.

Of course, it has to be executive fashion buyer herself, Miss Rachel Greene, who, time and time again, left fans in awe of her eye for style.

And among the millions of fans who were left inspired by her high-fashion looks is – apparently – Jennifer Aniston herself.

Rachel Green was famous for her iconic fashion moments. (NBC)

Rachel Green was famous for her iconic fashion moments. (NBC)

So much so that, according to an article by Wall Street Journal last year, the now 55-year-old still wears one of Rachel's much-loved fashion items on a regular basis – a pair of red loafers.

She previously told Bustle: "I also have a wonderful pair of square-toed loafers from Joan and David that I took from my closet."

Not only did her fancy footwear ceaselessly impress on the show, but do you remember the mint green dress she wore to Ross' palaeontology gala? Stunning.

Her tartan skirt and turtle neck jumper combo? Legendary.

And don't even get us started on her ever-changing hairstyles, which became so popular that fans still ask for a 'Rachel Green' cut when they visit the salon.

Speaking of the legacy that her television looks have had upon the fashion industry, Jennifer also proudly told Bustle that she used her own sense of style to dress her character at the time.

Jennifer revealed she still has a pair of Rachel's shoes. (Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

Jennifer revealed she still has a pair of Rachel's shoes. (Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

"Oh, we picked all of our wardrobe," she recalled. "We’d go on a Thursday, go for our fitting, we’d go to the dressing room and they’d have our rack of clothes and we would just go through them and put outfits together and just dress ourselves. Except Phoebe. Phoebe had to be very eccentric.

"So [Friends costume designer] Debra McGuire would basically say, “This is what you’re wearing.” But me and Court would pretty much dress ourselves.

"And sometimes she would try to steal a pair of pants and put it in hers and I’d be like, 'No, no, no, no, no, no.'"

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