“Oh, wow, he actually gets some action”: Kaley Cuoco Explained Why Penny Got Jealous in The Big Bang Theory Episode Despite Having No Interest in Leonard Initially

Chuck Lorre’s sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, is considered to be one of the greatest TV series to ever be created and has converted all its cast members into superstars. The show features Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and many more in the main cast of the show. As the show continued, it featured many iconic moments in the series.

Kaley Cuoco's Penny received immense popularity for portraying Penny

Kaley Cuoco as Penny in The Big Bang Theory. Credits: CBS Entertainment

One of the reasons that the show caught the attention of the fans was the relationship between Leonard Hofstadter and Penny, which led to many hilarious moments. In an earlier interview, she explained how her character got jealous and ended up dating him.

Kaley Cuoco Explains Why Her Character Decided To Date Leonard Hofstadter

Johnny Galecki’s Leonard Hofstadter and Kaley Cuoco’s Penny’s relationship was one of the key highlights of the show, which has entertained fans because of their contrasting backgrounds and traits. Their pairing defied stereotypical expectations and showcased humor and heart.

Kaley Cuoco explains why Penny decided to  date Leonard Hofstadter in the show

A still from The Big Bang Theory. Credits: CBS Entertainment

In an unpublished interview via First For Women, Cuoco reflected on how her character got interested in Leonard Hofstadter, which featured Sara Gilbert as a guest star in one of the episodes of the series.

She stated that it was a “girl thing” and that she got jealous of him getting attention. She said,

It was. I got asked so many questions about that; people were like, “Why would she…?” And I kept thinking to myself, “Why would I be jealous if not I’m interested in this guy?” But I’ve been through those situations where you’re not interested in this specific person, but you like that they’re interested in you. It’s a girl thing and it’s, like, “Oh, wow, he actually gets some action.”

She further continued that it was an “eye-opening experience” for her character, and since someone else wanted him, she got “a little jealous, which made her date him.

It was an eye-opening experience for Penny, because she doesn’t see him like that., but the fact that he’s wanted by a certain person puts him in a whole new light for her. So, yes, she was a little jealous.

Although she explained that she had no interest in him initially, she believes that it was their difference that made Penny develop romantic feelings for him.

Kaley Cuoco Believes Penny and Leonard Hofstadter Are Perfect For Each Other

In the same interview, Kaley Cuoco was asked to speak from her perspective if the attraction could be “realistic” or if it was a mere attraction that brought two different worlds that would never get their happy ending.

Kaley Cuoco felt Penny and Leonard's attraction was real

Penny and Leonard Hofstadter’s wedding. Credits: CBS Entertainment

She answered that despite both of the characters having polarizing traits, the two have a real attraction, and she loves him despite being so weird. She said,

100% yes. Definitely. Obviously they’re very opposite, but she has an attraction to him because he is so different and the thing about Penny is she’s non-judgmental. She’s just sweet and a good person and it doesn’t bother her that these guys are so weird. She loves them anyway. I think the fans would like to see that down the line, but there will be some flirtations going on in the meantime.

She further added that Penny was not shown as “unattainable” and gave her an unnecessary attitude.

That’s the thing, they don’t make Penny so unattainable. She is in a sense, but they don’t make her so distant or give the attitude, “Oh, he’ll never be able to get this girl.” She’s not mean, she’s not bitchy. They’re making her very available to him.

Nevertheless, both of them ended up loving each other, and the two transitioned from being awkward neighbors to a deeply connected couple, showcasing a perfect blend of humor and nerdy charm.

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