Katy Perry’s New Album Lands Into Controversy Even Before Its Release; Find Out Why

Pop star Katy Perry recently announced the release date and song for her upcoming sixth studio album. But it has landed into trouble even before its release.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Katy Perry

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Katy Perry

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to sexual assault and emotional abuse.

Katy Perry has been hinting at the next phase of her career for months now. The singer announced in February 2024 that it will be a very exciting year for all popstar girlies.

Sadly, her prophecy has gained fresh limelight thanks to the negative reaction to Perry's next single, Woman's World. The singer announced that her new album, WOMAN'S WORLD, will be released in July.

What is the controversy around Katy Perry’s upcoming album? 

Following her announcement, Perry reportedly reconnected with several producers who worked on her critically acclaimed 2010 albums, Teenage Dream and Prism, according to Rolling Stone. Dr. Luke was on the KP6 production list, an insider from Capitol Records, Perry's label, confirmed to the publication.

Even though he's been a major hitmaker for several decades, the producer and composer is still considered by many as someone to avoid in the pop music industry. Luke and Kesha, another pop chart-topper, were involved in multiple legal battles for several years. 

Kesha and Luke's legal battle

Luke and Kesha got into a court dispute in 2014 when Kesha claimed that Luke had abused her sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally while they were working together. Luke countersued Kesha for defamation and refuted her claims, saying Kesha was attempting to escape her contract with his label, Kemosabe Records, by filing the lawsuit.

Kesha was compelled to keep releasing songs under Dr. Luke's label during the protracted legal battle, which lasted for years. Years passed during the legal battle, with little wins for any party but a lot of negative publicity. That being said, in 2023, they reached an out-of-court settlement.

Following Kesha's public claims, several other pop artists who had collaborated with Luke or had heard from others also spoke up and acknowledged that, in their opinion, the producer wasn't a particularly nice guy.

Luke recently collaborated with Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, among other musicians. However, Doja Cat announced she would no longer collaborate with the producer after signing with Kemosabe Records prior to Kesha's accusations becoming public. Dr. Luke and Perry have not officially confirmed if they worked together on her upcoming sixth studio album.

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