Katy Perry Teases Upcoming Sixth Album ‘143’ With Features From 21 Savage and Doechii

Katy Perry is pop perfection, and her music videos are always cultural events!

The “Teenage Dream” superstar has supplied so many sugary-sweet, cheeky visuals over the years, which have racked up millions – and even billions – of views.

Ahead of the release of her new single “Woman’s World,” we’re taking a look through her YouTube and determining her Top 10 most popular music videos of all time. You might be surprised which ones did and didn’t made the cut!

Katy Perry recently hopped on an Instagram Live to give fans a teaser of her upcoming sixth studio album, 143. Having recently announced that it would drop later this fall, the pop singer has described it as a dance album that she’s “always wanted to make.”

She told fans on Instagram Live, “I’ve been talking about [doing] two albums the past eight years and that’s a dance album and an acoustic album. I haven’t yet made the acoustic album. Well, we never stop writing. But I finally made the dance album, the album I always wanted to make.” Perry continued, “This record is super high energy, it’s super summer, it’s very high BPM.” We just had a family dance party to one of the songs and it’s just full of so much joy, so much love, so much light.”

Streaming both on IG Live and TikTok Live while signing vinyl inserts for the new album, she previewed three tracks that will be on 143. In one of the clips, she teased a feature with Doechii in a song called “I’m His He’s Mine,” which samples Crystal Waters’ 1991 hit “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless). Another track hears a feature from 21 Savage in “Gimme Gimme” while another upbeat number heard was “Nirvana.” She doubles down on the theme of the album stating, “143 is honestly a dance party. All fandoms, invited. And it’s high energy, lots of love, mostly lots of love and BPM, summer, sexy. And it’s for y’all.” Her first single of this era is slated to drop on July 4 at 4 p.m. PST titled “Woman’s World.” It is set to be accompanied by a music video.

Have a listen at the previewed songs below.

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