Katy Perry Teases Sixth Album ‘143’ With Features From Doechii and 21 Savage, Plus a Crystal Waters Sample

Fresh off announcing her sixth studio album “143,” Katy Perry went live across her social media profiles to share snippets of songs off the record.

The album, which arrives on September 20, is what the pop singer described as a dance album, something she’s “always wanted to make.” “I’ve been talking about [doing] two albums the past eight years and that’s a dance album and an acoustic album,” she said on Instagram Live. “I haven’t yet made the acoustic album. Well, we never stop writing. But I finally made the dance album, the album I always wanted to make.

“This record is super high energy, it’s super summer, it’s very high BPM,” she continued. “We just had a family dance party to one of the songs, and it’s just full of so much joy, so much love, so much light.”


While signing vinyl inserts for “143,” Perry previewed three songs from the album on both IG Live and TikTok Live. The first clip she played was for a song called “I’m His He’s Mine” featuring Doechii, constructed around a sample of Crystal Waters’ 1991 hit “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless).” She followed with an upbeat number entitled “Nirvana,” as well as “Gimme Gimme” featuring 21 Savage.

“‘143’ is honestly a dance party,” she added on TikTok. “All fandoms, invited. And it’s high energy, lots of love, mostly lots of love and BPM, summer, sexy. And it’s for y’all.”

Perry initially teased this upcoming era last month with the news that its first single, “Woman’s World,” will arrive July 11 along with a music video. Though no tour has been announced, Perry mentioned on TikTok that she cleared her schedule so she’d be able to tour in the near future.

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