Kaley Cuoco Details ‘Travel Day from Hell’ with Daughter Matilda: ‘This Baby Did Amazing’

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco and daughter Matilda. Photo:

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco is reflecting on a crazy day of flight delays, dancing and barely getting any sleep with her baby daughter Matilda!

On Saturday, The Flight Attendant alum, 38, shared several photos and clips on her Instagram Story. In them, she detailed her experience tending to her 10-month-old child throughout a busy day of flying and airport waiting.

"How did we make it to the east coast in one piece after the travel day from hell!? Well," Cuoco began her retelling of the day, while sharing an adorable photo of Matilda holding a plush rabbit in a stroller.

After crediting her chauffeur for getting her to the airport "safely and prompt as he always does," the actress — who shares Matilda with actor Tom Pelphrey — shared a cute video of the baby dancing with her aunt Briana Cuoco in the airport.

"Baby girl danced with auntie @bricuoco while she ate everything in sight," Kaley wrote, before showing another image of Briana's partner, Brian Logan Dales, feeding Matilda some snacks and putting his hat on her head after their first flight delay.

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Kaley Cuoco Details 'Travel Day from Hell' with Daughter Matilda: 'This Baby Did Amazing'

"Another delay," Kaley then wrote, alongside a photo of her enjoying a beverage out of a glass while Matilda held a baby bottle. "We did some day drinking."

Later images showed the baby walking with the help of her aunt for "exercise," and even purposefully taking silly tumbles in front of Kaley. "5 hours later baby decided she likes to hang upside down," Kaley wrote, jokingly adding, "God help us."

After Matilda learned how to "smack mommy in the face multiple times" and took a brief nap, it was finally time to board, at which point Kaley quipped that she was "not sure who I am anymore or who I will become."

Another adorable video showed Matilda and her mom mid-flight, having an impromptu dance party with the Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get It Started" playing in the background. "No clue what this was or why we were boppin. I was praying she would sleep so I could sleep but no we didn't sleep no one slept ever."

Kaley Cuoco Details 'Travel Day from Hell' with Daughter Matilda: 'This Baby Did Amazing'

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While thanking her sister and brother-in-law for helping her along the way, Kaley shared another sweet photo of her daughter wearing a onesie, with the caption, "Here's hoping she sleeps the next 3 days straight."

"All in all this baby did amazing. I was the wreck. She was fine and if anyone is still reading, these types of days are for surviving," she wrote. "A dessert (or 7), a kid movie, some wine for mom, the nicest flight attendants thank goodness! Just do what you can to survive!"

Kaley also shared an image of herself, her sister, Dales and Matilda at the start of the travel day, which she jokingly wrote was "when we were just innocent happy kids."

Eventually, The Big Bang Theory star confirmed that she and her daughter escaped the messy travel day when she reposted an image of Matilda cozying up with Pelphrey, alongside the caption, "Daddy daughter art class."

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