Jim Parsons was surprised by the audience’s unexpected reaction to Sheldon and Penny’s kiss

Starring in the hit CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco embodied the beloved characters Sheldon and Penny. Initially portrayed at odds, their characters developed one of the strongest relationships on the show.

Sheldon and Penny in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Penny in The Big Bang Theory | Credit: CBS

And one of the episodes also features them sharing a kiss in Leonard’s nightmare. Parsons, who took on the role of the eccentric physicist, later reflected on this on-screen moment, expressing disappointment with the audience’s reaction, which differed from his expectations for the scene.

Jim Parsons Anticipated a Lively Reaction to Sheldon And Penny’s Kiss

Episode 2 of The Big Bang Theory Season 9, The Separation Oscillation, features a conflicted Leonard after confessing to fooling around with another woman. The episode unfolds with Sheldon and Penny sharing a kiss to get back at Leonard, which turns out to be his nightmare.

The Separation Oscillation

The Separation Oscillation | Credit: IMDb

Reflecting on filming the kiss scene in an interview with Glamour, Jim Parsons shared insights into the experience. Despite some initial awkwardness, Parsons shared that they still enjoyed the filming process. He said,

It was really fun—and, very honestly, really easy — The first time we rehearsed [the kiss], it was literally just like an extension of the verbal dance we’ve been doing for eight and a half years.

“And it was so much fun to do it live in front of the audience,” the Hidden Figures actor further said, as he expressed that he expected a lively and surreal reaction from the audience.

Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory | Credit: CBS

I kept thinking, “When a moment like that is going on, they’re going to know it’s coming and start laughing before we do it.”

The actor asserted that it was also crucial as they only had one chance at getting it right. However, the audience’s reaction differed significantly from his expectations.

Jim Parsons Was Surprised by Audience’s Unexpected Reaction

Jim Parsons During his interview with Glamour, Jim Parsons also noted the pressure of filming such crucial scenes in front of a live audience, emphasizing that they had only one opportunity to execute the scene perfectly.

Despite this, the reaction to the kiss scene was not what he anticipated, as he shared, “It was dead silence.” He recalled that it was rather a surreal atmosphere of confusion and surprise in the room.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Credit: IMDb

You have one shot to do it right in front of an audience like that, and they didn’t at all — the vibe in the room was, ‘What is happening?!’

However, he also shared that the audience’s reaction captured the unexpected essence of the scene. “It was exactly what it should have been and then BAM, we were making out!” he said during the interview.

While the live audience’s reaction was subdued, fans of the series have expressed enthusiastic responses to Sheldon and Penny’s kiss, with many even asserting that the sequence would have been much better if it was not a dream.

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