Jennifer Aniston’s emotional greeting for Courteney Cox’s 60th birthday almost brought fans to tears

Jennifer Aniston has moved many Friends fans to tears with her emotional birthday message for former co-star Courtney Cox, who recently turned 60 years old.

Aniston played Rachel in one of the most successful TV shows ever created, whilst Cox portrayed Monica.

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Jennifer Aniston arrives at 'The Morning Show' photo call

Many of the cast member shave remained great friends over the years and were collectively hit extremely hard when Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, passed away in 2023.

An emotional message

"Celebrating this powerful, magical, mystical, interesting, interested, ferociously talented girl today!!! My sweet CC @courteneycoxofficial," Aniston, 55, began the caption of the post, with Cox turning 60 on June 15.

There was a host of pictures of Cox and Aniston from over the years, showing just how well the duo have aged.

"She's funny like no other, STUNNING on the inside and out. Independent in the most gorgeous way, cares for everyone even if she doesn't know you," Aniston's caption continued.

"Terrified of dogs even though I've never known her NOT to have at least two of them. Fiercely loyal to the end.

"She doesn't care what other people think!! I can't imagine a world without her. It's one of my great honors to call her one of my best friends for life… Happy happy birthday CC. I love you!."

The friendship that two share is clearly extremely strong and Cox shared a lovely birthday message when Aniston turned 55 in February.

"Happy Birthday my sweet Jenny Louise. Also don't know why I call her that…but I sure do love you," the Cougar Town star wrote of Aniston at the time.

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