Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Courteney Cox’s 60th Birthday: ‘Can’t Imagine a World Without Her’

Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Courteney Cox’s 60th Birthday: ‘Can’t Imagine a World Without Her’

Jennifer Aniston celebrated the 60th birthday of her Friends costar and “best friend for life” Courteney Cox on Saturday, June 15, saying she “can’t imagine a world without her.”

Aniston feted Cox via Instagram saying that the actress was “funny like no other” and “STUNNING on the inside and out.”

“Celebrating this powerful, magical, mystical, interesting, interested, ferociously talented girl today!!!” Anniston wrote. “She’s…independent in the most gorgeous way, cares for everyone even if she doesn’t know you. Terrified of dogs even though I’ve never known her NOT to have at least two of them ☺️ Fiercely loyal to the end.”


Aniston, 55,  shared a series of photos of herself and Cox through the years, as well as clips from Friends. The final slide in her post showed present-day Aniston and Cox on FaceTime blowing kisses at each other.

“She’ll redecorate a room like nobody’s business. Spot a smudge on a window from a mile (literally) away. She doesn’t care what other people think!!” Aniston added. “Happy happy birthday CC. I love you!”

Aniston’s tribute to her friend was enough to make Cox a little misty.

“Wow. Well, I’m in tears 😭,” Cox replied via the comments. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. I love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

The post drew further celebrations of Cox from actors and comedians alike. Whitney Cummings commented that Cox was the “angel of all angels” and Amy Sedaris shared a series of red heart emojis.

Aniston and Cox have remained close since Friends ended its 10-season run in 2004. Speaking exclusively to Us Weekly about the cast’s plans for the 20th anniversary of Friends following costar Matthew Perry’s death, an insider noted, “Jen and Courteney are in constant contact.”

Aniston confirmed as much in an interview with Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson earlier this month.

“We still talk to each other,” Aniston said. “I talked on FaceTime with Court[eney] Cox last night for, like, an hour. And Lisa and the boys. It’s a family forever.”

Cox, for her part, said she frequently speaks with Perry, who passed away in October of last year. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in May, she said Perry helps guide her through life.

“You know, I talk to my mom, my dad, Matthew — I feel like there are a lotta people that, I think, guide us,” Cox said. “I do sense, yeah, I sense Matthew’s around for sure.”

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