International Yoga Day: Hollywood Celebs Who Embrace Yoga in Their Lifestyle

The entire world is celebrating the 10th International Day of Yoga (IDY), recognising the relevance of Yoga and several people are practising it for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Not only on June 21, Yoga has been a regular practice for many celebrities in India as well as abroad. On the occasion of the 10th IDY, take a look at some of the Hollywood celebs who have included Yoga in their lifestyle.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston, who is popularly known for her role in the cult classic show Friends, once mentioned that she is fit because of Yoga. ''It helps you prepare for anything, like meditation. It makes whatever life throws at you totally manageable,'' the actress once said.

Lady Gaga

The Grammy-winning singer once revealed that yoga was crucial in her post-surgery recovery. In a 2014Instagram post, she wrote, ''Just left Bikram Hot Yoga Houston,'' which is based on the traditional Yoga techniques.

Britney Spears

The 'Oops I Did It Again' singer has been a regular follower of Yoga. Her Instagram feed has several videos of herself with different asanas of ancient Indian workout.

Jennifer Lopez

Actress-singer JLo often shares her fitness routine on her official Instagram account. In one of her Insta videos, she called it a 'daily dose of wellness'.

Kate Hudson

In a 2021 interview with People magazine, she mentioned, ''If I have more time for it, I Love hot Yoga.'' She too regularly shared video her Yoga sessions on Instagram.

Miely Cyrus

When the singer-actor appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show, she shared her experience and said, ''Ashtanga yoga can be uninspiring when a teacher says it’ll take 10 years to master a pose.''

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