“I do a romantic comedy once a week”: Jennifer Aniston Came Close to Replacing Kate Beckinsale in 1 Underrated Rom-Com But Her FRIENDS Role Prevented That

Alternate reality alert! Imagine Jennifer Aniston, rom-com royalty, gracing a different silver screen masterpiece? The name’s not The Morning Show; it’s Serendipity. Yep, the 2001 rom-com movie. But fate, and maybe Rachel Green’s busy schedule, had other plans. 

Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show | Apple TV +

Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show | Apple TV +

Did FRIENDS block Aniston’s path to rom-com glory? Let’s explore this near-miss and the fascinating dance between TV fame and big-screen dreams.

Rachel Green in Serendipity? The Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com You Never Knew Almost Happened

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in Friends

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in Friends | Apple TV +

Imagine a world where Rachel Green moonlights as a whimsical rom-com leading lady not named Rachel (soul-crushing thought, right?) Per Serendipity director Peter Chelsom, this alternate reality almost became our reality. 

In a recent interview for the well-loved 2001 romantic comedy, director Chelsie revealed Jennifer Aniston was considered for the role of Sara Thomas in Serendipity. Kate Beckinsale eventually portrayed this. The film’s final cast included Jeremy Piven, Molly Shannon, John Corbett, Bridget Moynahan, and Eugene Levy.

Though Beckinsale’s performance opposite John Cusack was undoubtedly magical, it’s entertaining to consider the “what ifs.” Chelsom acknowledged Aniston’s demanding schedule while filming the hit series FRIENDS. During their meeting, Aniston joked, “I do a romantic comedy once a week!” Rachel Green clearly kept her occupied.

Aniston wasn’t the only near-miss, though. Carla Gugino (Spy Kids) gave a “spectacular” audition, Per Chelsom, who also emphasized this (we later saw their collaboration in The Space Between Us). However, Beckinsale ultimately took the front stage; in fact, Chelsom changed the character’s nationality from American to British to better fit her accent.

Per Beckinsale herself, Serendipity may not have been a box-office success when it was first released, but it has now become a cult favorite, particularly among men. She said in a 2020 interview that Serendipity is the reason why a male fan always compliments her work.

Therefore, even if Aniston in Serendipity is still a dream come true, the movie’s lasting appeal proves that the right casting (even if almost different) can create a classic rom-com. Who knows, maybe Aniston will appear on screen in a brand-new, highly-anticipated romantic comedy at some point in the future.

Did Jennifer Aniston Ditch the Fillers? Doc Weighs In on Her Changing Face

Jennifer Aniston in the Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston in the Bounty Hunter | Columbia Pictures

Remember that curious trip Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock took to a plastic surgeon’s office two months ago? The internet went into full speculation mode, dissecting every detail of their possible nip-and-tuck adventures. Well, new photos of Aniston at an LA event have fans buzzing again—this time, about a possible retreat from fillers.

Aniston stunned in a sleek burgundy dress, but some viewers couldn’t shake the feeling that something about her face looked different. In an interview with InTouchWeekly, Dr. Carl Truesdale noted that Aniston’s cheeks appear “less full” than in previous photos, a possible sign of dissolved fillers. He explained, “A sign of dissolved filler is seeing more volume loss than what one would expect for normal facial aging or weight loss.”

Those hoping for definitive answers might be disappointed. Dr. Truesdale can’t confirm or deny if Aniston went under the knife (or laser, or whatever fancy tools they use these days). But his observations do raise questions. Could Aniston be embracing a more natural look? Is this a temporary shift due to dissolved fillers? Only time, and maybe Aniston herself, will tell. One thing’s for sure, though: the fascination with her appearance isn’t going anywhere.

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