Here’s How MGK And Megan Fox Are Reportedly Doing After Megan Confirmed They’d Called Off Their Engagement

If you've been following along, you know the couple got engaged in 2022, but they called it off sometime last year.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly step out, holding hands. Megan wears a cropped blazer and mini skirt, while Machine Gun Kelly wears a bright green patterned sweater and ripped jeans

Raymond Hall / GC Images

While neither shared the exact reason for ending their engagement, a source said they had been dealing with "a ton of trust issues."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly walk hand-in-hand on a snowy street, both dressed in stylish, oversized winter clothing

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"There are still a ton of trust issues between them and it’s very toxic," a source told People in March.

Megan Fox is dressed as a schoolgirl and MGK is dressed as a martial artist at a themed party with a vibrant and festive atmosphere

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"They can’t stay away from each other and there’s a lot of history there, but they also don’t know how to be in a healthy relationship," the source continued. "They’ll be totally fine, then days later get into a huge blowout fight and not talk for weeks, but then give in and be all lovey-dovey again."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly step out holding hands; Megan wears a tailored blazer and knee-high boots, while MGK sports a puffer jacket and baggy jeans

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Regarding the engagement, the source said that after they split, "They never picked back up wedding plans or even got to a place where they could think about really getting married."

Megan Fox in off-shoulder white mini dress and Machine Gun Kelly in black suit with graphic tee pose together

Lester Cohen / Getty Images for Universal Music Group for Brands

"It doesn’t seem like either wants to give the other up, even though they both know it’s not healthy," the source added.

Megan Fox in a fitted dress and Machine Gun Kelly in a tank top and leather pants at a Casamigos event. Emma is seen holding a cigarette

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However, a few months on, it sounds like things are becoming a bit better between them.

Megan Fox in a gold dress with a high slit and Machine Gun Kelly in a futuristic black and silver outfit walk hand-in-hand

The Hapa Blonde / GC Images

A source recently told Entertainment Tonight: "Things have been much better with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. They've been problem-solving, working on effective communication, reestablishing their commitment to each other, and realigning the direction of their relationship and where they want it to go."

Megan Fox in a strapless gown with high slit, holding hands with Machine Gun Kelly in a printed shirt, chest armor, and vinyl pants. Both walking outdoors

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The source said they've also been in therapy — both together and separately.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet at the "Life in Pink" premiere. Megan wears a fitted pink dress, while Machine Gun Kelly wears a pink and blue sweater with white pants

Arturo Holmes / WireImage

"Communication and therapy are what’s working best for them at this time," they continued. "They're both still committed to working on themselves and together."

Machine Gun Kelly in a white suit and Megan Fox in a red dress holding hands on the street, surrounded by photographers and fans

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As a result, "Their engagement and wedding are still on standby, but they're very happy in this moment together."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly pose on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards. Megan wears an off-shoulder dress with a high slit, and MGK wears a studded suit

Nbc / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While Megan previously refused to comment on their relationship (she said it's "not for public consumption"), she did call MGK her "twin soul" and said there would "always be a tether to him, no matter what."

BuzzFeed has reached out to her and MGK's reps for comment on the newest report — we'll let you know if we hear back.

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