FRIENDS Star Lisa Kudrow Reacts To Jennifer Aniston’s Claims That She ‘Hated’ When Live Audience Laughed

The cast member of Friends, Lisa Kudrow, spoke candidly about Jennifer Aniston’s remarks that the actress detested the live audience because they laughed at the dialogue before it ended.


Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow via Instagram

FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow corrects the claims made by Jennifer Aniston about the actress not liking the live audience laughing before she finishes her dialogue. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Kudrow spoke of her true feelings about filming in front of a studio audience. The Come Back actress said she used to get annoyed with the audience only when they laughed too much.

On Variety’s Actor on Actor segment, Aniston recalled her time on the sets of the iconic sitcom and claimed that Kudrow hated it when the live audience laughed at her dialogue while she was still delivering it.

What did Lisa Kudrow say about Jennifer Aniston’s comments about filming in front of a live audience? 

Speaking to the media portal, Kudrow shared that while the comments by The Morning Show star weren’t completely wrong, they were a bit twisted. The actress claimed, “No, that’s not exactly… no, no. It irritated me if they would laugh for too long.”

The Bojack Horseman star further added, “God bless them. They were so excited to be there that sometimes the laughter would just be longer than if they had laughed at anything else.”

Meanwhile, the Murder Mystery actress, in conversation with Quinta Brunson, revealed, “Lisa Kudrow, by the way, hated when the audience laughed… She’d be like, ‘I’m not done! It’s not that funny.’”

In the Variety interview with the Abbott Elementary star, Aniston revealed that FRIENDS have always been special to her, and as she got emotional, she remembered her co-star and friend, Matthew Perry, who passed away in October 2023.

In a recent chat with the entertainment portal, Kudrow, too, recalled Perry and shared that she has been re-watching the episodes of the sitcom for the actor.

Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston’s friendship over the years

Lisa Kudrow, who played the role of Phoebe Buffay, has been an onscreen and offscreen friend to Jennifer Aniston over the years. While the duo shared a great bond on the sitcom for 10 years, Kudrow and the Wanderlust actress have kept their friendship intact with each other and the other cast members of the show, including Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc.

The FRIENDS occasionally meet up with each other and have a great time. The sitcom is also nearing 30 years since the pilot aired on TV.

Lisa Kudrow is setting the record straight about her feelings towards the live studio audience during the filming of “Friends,” following comments made by her former co-star, Jennifer Aniston. Aniston had claimed that Kudrow “hated” the audience’s laughter, but Kudrow has now clarified her stance.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Rachel Smith, Kudrow explained that she didn’t hate the audience but found their reactions sometimes excessive. “No, that’s not exactly — no, no. It irritated me if they would laugh for too long,” Kudrow said, addressing Aniston’s recounting of events.

Aniston had previously shared her memories from “Friends” during a conversation with Quinta Brunson for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series. She recalled Kudrow’s reaction to the audience’s laughter, saying, “Lisa Kudrow, by the way, hated when the audience laughed… She’d be like, ‘I’m not done! It’s not that funny!’”

Kudrow elaborated on her feelings, saying, “God bless them. They were so excited to be there that sometimes the laughter would just be longer than if they would have laughed at anything else. I was like, ‘All right, well, take it easy. It’s not that funny. And there’s more to say!’”

Despite these moments of irritation, Kudrow expressed her appreciation for the enthusiastic audience. She acknowledged that their excitement was a testament to the show’s popularity and the joy it brought to viewers.

Kudrow, who played the quirky and lovable Phoebe Buffay on “Friends,” remains close to Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green. Their bond was evident when Aniston celebrated Kudrow’s 60th birthday on Instagram in July 2023, describing her as “one of my favorite people on the planet” and praising her comedic talents.

In addition to addressing the audience laughter issue, Kudrow was promoting her new TV series, “Time Bandits,” during the interview. The series, based on the 1981 Terry Gilliam fantasy epic, is co-created by Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, and Iain Morris. Kudrow stars as Penelope, the leader of a group of time-traveling pirates and adventurers.

Kudrow shared her excitement about the project, saying, “Taika had gotten in touch with me and said, ‘Jemaine and I wrote this thing, we’re shooting in New Zealand. Would you ever consider doing that?’ And, ‘Yes! Like, why am I going to say no to you two?’”

She also praised the series’ wardrobe, describing her pirate-inspired costumes as some of the most comfortable she has ever worn. “I loved it!” she marveled. “That was, I think, one of the most comfortable costumes I’ve ever worn in my life. I’m not kidding.”

For Kudrow, “Time Bandits” is a perfect blend of all the story elements she enjoys. “Time travel? I love it! And I love history. I’m kind of a history buff,” she shared. “And it’s just fun.”

“Time Bandits” is set to premiere on July 24 on Apple TV+. Kudrow’s involvement in the series marks her return to television screens, and fans are eagerly anticipating her performance in this new and exciting role.

Meanwhile, Aniston is involved in producing a remake of the 1980s classic “9 to 5” with her Echo Films partner Kristin Hahn. Reflecting on her time on “Friends,” Aniston shared fond memories of the past three decades and a playful incident involving Kudrow at a hair salon.

Despite the occasional irritation with the live audience’s laughter, Kudrow’s clarification highlights her overall appreciation for the fans who made “Friends” a beloved and iconic show. Her willingness to address the issue and set the record straight demonstrates her respect for both her co-stars and the audience.

As Kudrow embarks on her new adventure with “Time Bandits,” fans can look forward to seeing her bring her unique charm and talent to a fresh and exciting role. Her ability to balance humor and sincerity has always been a hallmark of her performances, and “Time Bandits” promises to be another showcase of her exceptional skills.

In conclusion, Lisa Kudrow’s clarification of Jennifer Aniston’s comments about her feelings towards the live studio audience during “Friends” provides a deeper understanding of her perspective. While she may have found the extended laughter occasionally irritating, her gratitude for the audience’s enthusiasm remains evident. As she continues to explore new projects and roles, Kudrow’s fans can look forward to more memorable performances from this talented actress.

Lisa Kudrow has addressed a comment Jennifer Aniston made about the Phoebe Buffay actor’s time on Friends.

Earlier this year, Aniston, in a conversation with Abbott Elementary star Quinta Brunson, discussed her career, including her role as Rachel Green on the American sitcom.

Appearing on the Variety’s Actors on Actors interview series, the Bruce Almighty star mentioned that Kudrow “hated when the audience laughed” during live tapings.

Kudrow has now addressed her co-star’s comment and told Entertainment Tonight: “No, that’s not exactly… no, no. It irritated me if they would laugh for too long.”

Last month, the actress revealed that she had started rewatching old episodes of Friends to remember her late co-star Matthew Perry.



For years after the hit sitcom, US actress Kudrow said she could not watch herself playing Phoebe, a role which shot her to global stardom opposite her castmates Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston and Perry.

Last October, Perry was found unresponsive in the pool at his residence and was pronounced dead at the age of 54.

His death was ruled an accident from the acute effects of ketamine, but the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed it was working on an “open investigation” into the circumstances of his death.

On rewatching Friends, Kudrow told The Hollywood Reporter: “Honestly, I wasn’t able to watch it because it’s too embarrassing to watch yourself.

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