Denon Announces Its New PerL Wireless Ear Bud Campaign With Katy Perry

While Katy Perry might have sold the rights to her music, the artist has been unveiled as the latest brand ambassador for audio brand Denon.

Having just presented its latest innovative product, the Denon PerL True Wireless Ear Buds, the brand has simultaneously announced its latest global partnership with Katy Perry. The partnership coincides with the launch of Denon’s “Your Music Tuned Your Way” campaign and also marks the beginning of a new era for both the celebrated audio brand and Perry.

Through the fusion of Denon’s signature sound and groundbreaking Masimo ATT technology, listeners can embark on an auditory journey marked by extreme depth, detail, and clarity — all precise to individual hearing profiles. By crafting a hearing profile based on the user’s ear’s full hearing response, the Denon PerL Ear Buds strive to create a seamless listening experience for fans that will enhance their connection to Katy Perry’s new music.

In tandem with the new partnership, Katy Perry recently held an intimate Q+A and exclusive listening party, unveiling some of her favorite songs from her upcoming album, KP6.

Denon Announces Its New PerL Wireless Ear Bud Campaign With Katy Perry Songs Technology Headphones Sound Music

Commenting on her new partnership, Perry said: “Music has always been a huge part of my life. It’s not just about listening; it’s about feeling every note and experiencing the music in a way that resonates with who I am — immersed in every detail. The Denon PerLs deliver that. They sound made just for me.

“This partnership aligned perfectly with the timing of my new dance-pop record and will help my fans to tap into a sound experience that’s as unique as they are. With Denon PerL, my fans will feel every beat of their favorite songs, including my new single, “Woman’s World” and upcoming album.”

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