David Duchovny Explains Why He Feels He Discovered Angelina Jolie

David Duchovny worked with Angelina Jolie almost 30 years ago and he’s opening up about why he feels he helped discover her.

The two actors worked together in the 1997 thriller Playing God, which bombed at the box office and grossed just $4 million.

David admitted years later, “Playing God was a mistake only because we didn’t have a script ready… I should have just bailed out, but I didn’t know.”

In a new interview for SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen LiveDavid was asked to play a co-star word association game.

When asked about Angelina, he said, “I feel like I discovered Angelina Jolie. Yeah, because I was casting, I was part of the casting of, I didn’t discover her, but you know, she came in and I just knew she was a movie star and I told everybody we’ve gotta cast her.”

Angelina‘s breakout actually happened a couple years earlier in the movie Hackers.

David recently spoke about his experience working on Sex and the City.

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