Brian Austin Green Says Raising Kids With An Ex Is About How To ‘Pick Your Battles’

Brian Austin Green has a pragmatic approach to co-parenting with his ex-wife, Megan Fox.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor talked about knowing how to “pick your battles” during a Saturday interview with E! News at Pennsylvania’s Steel City Comic Con.

Prioritizing what matters is big for Green, who shares sons Noah, 11, Bodhi, 10, and Journey, 7, with the “Transformers” star.

“The No. 1 is always make sure that everything is centered around the experience of the kids,” he explained.

“People make a mistake of thinking that they’re gonna do things so the separation doesn’t affect the kids,” Green went on. “Of course, it’s gonna affect the kids.”

He said, “The only choice you have is how it affects the kids.”

The actor told E! it’s helpful for him to accept that exes won’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in 2014. The pair divorced in 2020 and now co-parent their three sons Noah, Bodhi and Journey.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in 2014. The pair divorced in 2020 and now co-parent their three sons Noah, Bodhi and Journey.


“The person that you were with that you’re now separated from, you guys are separated for a reason,” Green said. “Because you didn’t get along.”

He continued, “So, you can’t expect to then get along after the fact in raising your kids. So, you have to decide, ‘OK, it’s not about us getting along anymore. It’s about us co-parenting, which is a totally different situation.’”

While Fox and Green aren’t always on the same page, she has said she also tries to keep negativity out of the picture for the sake of the kids.

“I think it’s really important when people separate to never ever disparage the other parent or even in a passive aggressive way, make remarks,” she said during an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show” last November.

“I don’t let anything in my energy like that when I’m around my kids because if I don’t accept and love their father, I’m rejecting a part of them because he’s a part of who they are always,” she explained.

Fox first filed to divorce Green in 2015, but the pair reconciled not long after.

Five years later, the “Jennifer’s Body” actor moved to dissolve the marriage for a second time, and in 2022, they reached a settlement, agreeing to joint custody of their children.

Green also shares son Kassius, 22, with ex Vanessa Marcil.

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