‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Reveals Incredible News for Her Fellow Dog Parents

As an actress, entrepreneur, devoted dog mom and mom to daughter MatildaKaley Cuoco has a lot on her plate. So it only makes sense that she's hiring someone to help out … though not in the way you might expect.

Fans know that the Big Bang Theory alum co-founded a pet care brand called Oh Norman! in May 2023. Named in honor of her late dog, Norman, the company sells treats, toys and other essentials for happy, healthy pups. On the heels of Oh Norman's first anniversary, Good Housekeeping caught up with Kaley over email to chat about what's next for the company. The actress also dished on why she feels it's important to raise her daughter Matilda around dogs, and shared her best tips for parents when introducing babies and pets.

First off, Kaley revealed that her company is expanding its team, and your dog could be the newest hire. Yes, you read that right. The search is on for Oh Norman's first CTO (Chief Treat Officer). Any dog owner residing in the United States can submit a video application showcasing why their pup deserves the top spot.

"We always strive to create top quality products that dogs love, and as a pet owner and co-founder of Oh Norman!, I realized that there was no better way to do this other than bringing in the true expert, the dog itself," Kaley told Good Housekeeping.

So, what is Kaley looking for in an applicant? "Our Chief Treat Officer must love treats and toys of course. Having a keen sense of smell and taste and an understanding of social media is important too (with some help from their pet parents!)," she said. "Our CTO will be in charge of testing and sharing feedback with us and to our online community — the most important role yet."

The animal advocate, who will be hand-selecting the winner, shared that her "best tip for pet parents when filming their entry videos is to really lean into showcasing your pet's personality and spotlight why they'd be a great addition to the team."

Kaley, who recently adopted a new dog named Dolly, strongly believes that "all of our pets teach us the meaning of unconditional love." When asked about the importance of raising kids around pets, which she calls "such a positive thing," Kaley added that she thinks it's "important for children to learn to care for and about animals at a young age."

"My dogs and daughter have their own unique personalities, and it brings me joy every day to see how they teach and grow alongside one another," she continued. "The joy that rescue animals bring into my life is too overwhelming to remotely describe. They are such an important part of my family, and they bring endless happiness and laughter into our home."


Speaking from her own experience, Kaley also provided a few tips for expecting or new parents who plan to introduce their baby and pets. "Honestly, you should intro right away. Don't wait and don't be shy. Stay calm. The more you freak out, the more they will freak out. They feel our energy," she said.

As for where she'd like to see the company a year from now, Kaley concluded that "at the end of the day, our goal for Oh Norman! is to ensure that we're always delivering high quality products to help support pets and their parents. We truly want to make a difference in the lives of animals and that's why Oh Norman! will always donate a portion of sales to the rescue organizations making a difference on the front lines."

Well, that's the best news of all! ❤️

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